What is electrochromism ?
A material is electrochromic if it changes color when under the influence of an electric field.

How does it work ?
This is due to a redox reaction, as the electrochromic material partially changes oxidation degree, which results in a color change. The color change is reversible, as is the reaction.

This feature can only activate if the material is included in a stack of specific materials. The electric field is then applied to the stack, and can be powered by different means.



Claret-red – Brown/black


Purple – Dark blue


Light green – Blue


Provencal Green – Dark Blue

Capture d’écran 2019-07-16 à 15.13.18

Gold – Blue


Pastel blue – Blue


Pink – Plum – Blue

* Real colors might slightly vary from the ones seen on screen.

Want a color not included in our range ?


Kromatiz is currently developing color-changing watch dials that can be activated and changed by the customer. The startup company works in BtoB to bring a brand new high quality function to its clients’ watches.


The customer has the choice of his watch dial color at any given time


A button (similar to a crown) located on the side of the watch activates the color change.


The color changes in a few seconds.

Qualitative without backlight

There is no screen effect and the watch dial isn’t electroluminescent.

Illustration of KROMATIZ’s knowledge


If you are a company and are interested in innovating and creating new color-customizable objects, do not hesitate and contact the Kromatiz team. We will talk about the feasibility of your project, and a possible collaboration in order to develop a new product together.

* Don’t forget, to change the color of your object, you need a power source in order to activate the electrochromic coating.


Kromatiz is the collaboration of two young material engineers, who graduated from ENSIL-ENSCI in 2017: Thomas Rolland and Mazine Molina.
Despite having similar academic profiles, the two founders have different set of skills. Moreover, their different personas make them more competent to tackle problems and make their teamwork stronger by working in symbiosis.
The basic concept of the product (the electrochromic device) is based on a CNRS patent registered in 2013, corresponding to research work done within ICMCB.

From the beginning of the project, the founders benefited from the support of the ICMCB through the completion of internships that allowed them to acquire the knowledge of the scientific field. Mazine and Thomas also trained themselves to become heads of companies thanks to the entrepreneur-student coarse of PEPITE France, and the support of the AVRUL incubator.
In 2018, a scientific backing agreement between AVRUL, the University of Limoges, the CNRS and the project leaders allowed the team to benefit from the expertise and support of the ICMCB for the technical development, also in connection with a maturation project supported by AST.
In 2019, after the creation of the company, a research collaboration agreement allows Kromatiz to continue to benefit from this infrastructure for the technical development of the product. The technical development is now handled by Thomas, president of the company. As for Mazine, managing director, he is mainly dedicated to the administrative management of the company.

Kromatiz is located in the region of Nouvelle Aquitaine, between Limoges, where the incubator of AVRUL housing the company is, and Bordeaux, where Kromatiz realizes its technical development within the ICMCB (Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux).



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